Sponsor Information

We are always looking for organizations who understand the value of the Maker Movement, and are looking to show their support while getting great value in return.

What Maker Faire Delivers

Maker Faire provides the City of Red Deer a compelling family-friendly event. It offers youth and adult alike permission to play, create and collaborate. Attendees commonly report leaving Maker Faire feeling inspired to make something. Inspired to make something that changes the world. Inspired to make something, just because.

What Maker Faire is, and is not

Maker Faire is not a trade show and is also not a convention. It is something else entirely.

Maker Faire, simply put, is a place where people who are driven to make new and interesting things are able to share their passion with others. It’s a place for startups and entrepreneurs to both test their ideas and expand their networks. It’s a place for teachers to develop professionally. It’s a place for businesses to glimpse the future of product development and manufacturing.

What you can expect to achieve with Maker Faire

You can expect uncountable conversations that leave you energized. You can expect to encounter many business development opportunities with a few of them being areas you never thought to explore. You can expect to leave feeling just as our visitors do, inspired. You can support an event that leaves your staff feeling proud to have been a part of.

While Red Deer’s Maker Faire is a non-profit event and largely non-commercial there are a number of meaningful ways a business can be involved. It’s through the involvement of businesses like yours that this event is made possible.

We are able to offer our sponsors unique interactions both with attendees of the event and those of the Maker community. This, combined with more traditional sponsorship recognition, enables most businesses to support Maker Faire generously while receiving excellent value in return.

Interested in sponsoring in 2018? Email us: sponsor@makerfairerd.com